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While driving in Northridge California and the Valley in general, you have probably had an issue with a windshield chip or crack. Make sure you keep your driving visibility up to par allowing our windshield professionals repair or replace your windshield. We are proud to be trained in windshield repair and replacement and will help you to decide your best options for windshield replacement.

Your safety is our # 1 concern! Our products and services are tailored to fit your budget and windshield needs. We provide service to all makes and models. Can only spend so much? We have you covered there too. Our windshield service comes with various options that will fit your needs. Don’t wait around for small chips to turn into large cracks. Our services include minor chip repair or full windshield replacement. We will start by analyzing your windshield to determine the best option. We’ve been known by customers to look us up for:

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During our company’s time in business, we have found that most of our customers were not aware that the majority of car and trucks now manufactured rely on the automobile’s windshield to be in tact to preserve the critical “safety bubble” for passengers of the vehicle. If the windshield has become cracked, chipped, or is replaced with a non-manufacturer approved glass, then drivers are putting themselves and their vehicle occupants at risk in the event of a major car accident. Even the smallest cracks can negate this safety margin relied upon by today’s car and truck manufacturers. As a result, at Zippy Valley Auto Glass, we strongly recommend that our clients pursue windshield repair and replacement services as quickly as possible.

Our mobile repair teams are highly trained and capable of responding to our customer needs without a prolonged waiting period for an appointment. We don’t like to add any delay if possible to filling your auto glass replacement needs. In order to get your automobile back on the road as soon as possible, we only deploy trained, certified, and insured technicians to job sites. Our teams are a well-oiled machine and efficiently take care of removing the broken windshield, prepping the glass surface area, and applying the manufacturer approved sealant to your new windshield. We also take great pride in making sure there is zero glass debris or other trash left behind in your automobile before we finish the job. We love to over deliver on our windshield replacement services and hope that you will always think of us to help with any auto glass needs that you might have arise.

Another barrier that we see to consumers seeking out auto glass replacement services is not understanding that our mobile repair teams are highly capable, proficient, and trained to complete window tinting services. Not only can we restore your windshield, but we can also ensure the tint is equivalent to what was previously there (within California regulations of course), and can accomplish tinting on other windows on your car or truck while on the job site. It does help our team plan if you let us know about any additional tinting you desire, but we are flexible once at the job site as well.

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