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As a resident of southern California, you have undoubtedly noticed the amount of sunny days we have the pleasure of experiencing. Here at Zippy Valley Auto Glass Repair, we understand the effects that the sun can have on the interior of a vehicle. Keep enjoying the sunny days, but in the comfort of a newly tinted vehicle. Our professional tint staff can provide your car with the sun protection it needs. Tinting your windows can decrease the amount of heat that is allowed inside of your vehicle. By allowing your car to have extended sun exposure, you can risk getting cracks in your dashboard or even the leather seats. We can keep your car’s interior cool. We perform the following services:

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Window tinting not only protects your car, but it can also provide protection to your skin! Los Angeles traffic can be brutal. Decrease the heat in your car by letting us provide you with window tint. That way you can sit back and enjoy the coolness and comfort while driving. Window film will allow your car to stay cool while also giving you the UV protection necessary to prevent skin issues like skin cancer. It can improve your air conditioning system by reducing the temperature inside your car. We are proud to offer different types of window tint with various levels of heat protection. Call today to discuss your options in window tint shades. We provide free estimates.

Auto Window Tinting

Darkening your windows with window film will up to cut down the visibility from outsiders. As a result, there will be added protection to any valuables that may be inside your vehicle. Seeking some more privacy? Shading your windows with window film will help to give you the extra privacy you may want while driving. Unfortunately, many consumers incorrectly believe that auto window tinting services are a costly endeavor and take a long time to accomplish. This is anything but the truth. Our experienced technicians are commonly able to complete even the most complex window tinting jobs in a reasonable timeframe at a time and location convenient to your busy schedule. Not only that, we will ensure that your car or truck’s tint is in compliance with California regulations that govern the amount of tint that can be applied to each side of one’s vehicle. Some companies will not do this which puts the consumer at risk of a ticket or attracting the attention of the police when they do not want to do so. Call us if you need any:

When choosing the best shade for your vehicle, allow our window tint professionals to guide you to the best choice. We are experts in window tint shading and window tint laws in California. Our tint technicians can guide you to the ideal type of window film. We will discuss your options and get you exactly what you are seeking.

We have serviced the entire LA County, along with the San Fernando Valley areas for over a decade with our window tinting service and auto glass. We offer each window tint job with our free mobile service. Enjoy the comfort of your home while your vehicle gets tinted. Every window tint installation is done professionally and guaranteed to be clean and efficient. Having window tint will enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Call today for more information on our auto glass [link to the AUTO GLASS page] service. Call us today for a free over-the-phone estimate and for our same day appointment services.

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